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Faculty and Staff Directory

Notre Dame of Bethlehem School offers a full preschool through 8th grade Catholic education with two classrooms per K-8th grade. Our kindergarten is full day. There are multiple preschool options, including the Little Knights program and Lunch Bunch, offering a nearly a full day for your preschooler. Our 6th through 8th graders benefit from a full middle school experience, including switching classrooms and teachers, additional responsibilities and a more challenging curriculum. 

Mr. Aaron Bachstein

Seventh Grade

Mrs. Ann Benner

Literature Specialist 5-8

Mr. Thomas Berg

Fifth Grade

Christine Borger

Technology Specialist, Computer 5-8

Mrs. Linda Borosky

Literature Specialist 5-8

Mrs. Sarah Boyle

First Grade

Mrs. Jenna Camasta

Second Grade

Mrs. Gwen Cantwell

Administrative Assistant/Tuition Manager

Mrs. Heather Christensen

Preschool 4

Mrs. Leanne Clee

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Maria Costa


Mrs. Sharon Czekner

Writing Specialist K-3

Mrs. Kayla Dancho

Science Resource K-4

Mrs. Dorothy Dashe

Second Grade

Mrs. Elizabeth Demyan

Preschool Director

Mrs. Helen Egbert

Third Grade

Mrs. Jonelle Farris

First Grade

Mrs. Lisa Feusner

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Fleur


Mrs. Georgia Fota

Extended Care Director

Mrs. Kate Goodman

School Psychologist, Psychologist IU

Mrs. Jaclyn Henahan

Reading/Math Specialist IU20

Mrs. Donna Hopper


Mrs. Karen Iobst

Eighth Grade

Mrs. Jackie Kohler

Preschool 3

Mrs. Charlene Ludwick

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Dani Macavage

Science Resource 5-8

Mrs. Beth Maco

Dean of Students K-4, Kindergarten

Mrs. Lauren Molchany

Director Religious Education

Mrs. Erlene Neidert

Extended Care/Clearances

Mrs. Kirsten Piccini


Mrs. Nicole Plunkett

Preschool 3

Ms. Mary Pulanco

Music Programs

Mrs. Joanne Romero

Eighth Grade, Computer K-4

Mrs. Stephanie Santoro

Dean of Students 5-8, Seventh Grade

Mrs. Michelle Shellock

Physical Education

Mrs. Paula Shive-Sanchez


Mrs. Ann Marie Thomas

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Maureen Thorley

Math Specialist

Sister Lisa Valenini

Religisous Education

Mrs. Colleen Weiss

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Arian Wesner

Third Grade

Mrs. Diana Wilner


Mrs. Sarah Yox