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Mission and Catholic Values

“The mission of Notre Dame School of Bethlehem is to welcome and educate all of God’s children in faith, mind, and spirit through Jesus Christ and empower them to become all that God calls them to be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

The Advantages of a Catholic Education:

Every aspect of the Catholic education system is faith-based, which means that it is built on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Focusing on the whole, the goal of Catholic educators is to provide students with a firm foundation in both faith and academics - based on christian values and ethics. Thus the whole program is designed to affect the long-term development, well-being and success of each individual child.

Catholic PK3 - 8th grade programs have proven their value in boosting student self-esteem, attendance, behavior and academic performance. The PK3 - 8th grade model lets us focus on very young learners as they adjust to and thrive at school and on adolescents as they navigate through young adulthood.

We are committed to:

  • Developing the whole child through academic rigor, social/emotional guidance and emphasizing our Catholic faith
  • Fostering self-discipline
  • Helping instill high moral standards
  • Challenging students to reach their fullest God-given potential and talents
  • Providing more personal attention to students
  • Offering a welcoming, caring and supportive environment
  • Preparing our students emotionally, socially, cognitively and spiritually to be sound leaders for the future of our church and community

Faith Based Clubs and Projects

Each grade completes a service project during the year, as well as school-wide service projects.  Through out service projects, students are given the opportunity to share with others the gifts they have received.  

Students starting at the end of 6th grade need to complete 20 service hours as part of their graduation and confirmation requirements, teaching the importance of servant leadership and being actively involved in their local community.

Our 6th-8th grade students have the opportunity to join our Service Corp.  THis after school club allows students to work together doing different types of service activities in order to follow Jesus' example and use our talent to make the world a better place.  

Knights Quest

A school created program which has the entire student body working together doing team building activities.  

Monthly Virtues

Each month throughout the school year, we focus on a Christian virtue of the month, and strive to live it out fully.  This year-long commitment is dedicated to living out our faith the way God intends us to.  

Weekly School Mass and Adoration

Students in grades K-8 experience their faith by attending Mass each Friday.  They Also have the opportunity to read at Mass, and those who are altar servers and choir members share in that ministry.  

Students are also invited to attend and participate in Children's Liturgies on the third Sunday of Each month.  

Every Friday, students attend Eucharistic Adoration.