When can my child start at Notre Dame?
Your child can begin at Notre Dame at any time, although many start with us in preschool and continue to full-day kindergarten until 8th grade.

Why is Notre Dame special?
Read one family's reflection on the Notre Dame experience. Also, read a welcome letter from one of our students. Student Letter

May I visit the school for more information or a tour? 
Absolutely! Simply contact the school at 610-866-2231 or email us to arrange a visit.

Does Notre Dame have a Preschool Program?
Notre Dame provides preschool programs for three year-olds and four year-olds. The preschool programs include both two-day, three-day and five-day schedules. To learn more about the preschool programs, please visit the preschool page. Preschool Page 

Does Notre Dame offer full-day or half-day Kindergarten? 
Notre Dame offers full-day programs for your child. To learn more about the Kindergarten program, please visit the Kindergarten page. Kindergarten Page

Does Notre Dame offer before or after-school care?  Extended Care is available to students from preschool through 8th grade. To learn more about Extended Care, click on the following link.  Extended Care

How do I register at Notre Dame?  You must contact the school office to obtain the necessary forms. Click the following link to review the list of materials needed for registration and the applicable forms. Registration

What are the current tuition rates?  The tuition rates are available by clicking on the following link. The tuition rates displayed are for the current school year, and are subject to change. Tuition Rates

Is there any way I can lower my tuition costs? One way to lower your tuition costs is to participate in the Notre Dame Dollars program. This cost-free program enables you to earn tuition credits ranging from 2% to 5%. For more information about this program, please click on the following link. Notre Dame Dollars