Volunteering Policy and Protocol

The United States Conference of Bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People mandates that every diocese implement Safe Environment programs for all children, parents, and adults. The principal purpose of this Charter is to ensure a safe environment for the children of each diocese. Here in the Diocese of Allentown, a number of steps have been taken in order implement these guidelines pertaining to reconciliation, healing, accountability, and prevention of future acts of abuse. To learn more about the Diocese’s Youth Protection programs, go onto the Diocese of Allentown website,

Requirements for adult volunteers 

1. Diocesan Requirements

  • Read the Code of Conduct policy, then print out and sign the acknowledgement form on the last page
  • Read the Policy Regarding the Sexual Abuse of Minors, then print out and sign the acknowledgement form on the last page
  • Attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop and submit the certificate of attendance.  If you have already completed the class and don't have your certificate, contact Sister Meg Cole at 610/332-0442, X19 with the approximate date and location of the class and she will help to retrieve the certificate.

2. State Required Clearances – these clearances will expire after 5 years

Please turn in ALL forms at ONE TIME to the school office.  After above forms/clearances are received, they will be processed (through Diocese of Allentown) and Voucher for  fingerprints will be assigned.  

You will be notified from School Office when Voucher becomes available.